A robust and lean real estate group.

Onebuild is part of COEDI real estate group, comprised of several companies and divisions that operate in complete independency and autonomy . Diverse entities that work throughout the whole real estate value chain and provide integrated services for the group and their clients.

All the companies and divisions of the Group aim to raise the bar of health and safety, efficiency and timely delivery standards, in all aspects of the project: from the identification of value and investments, due diligence, to preliminary design, technical design and construction, and all the way up to maintenance services and marketing.

Each division and company of the Group operates autonomously, and each one is defined by unique characteristics. With all their differences, they all share the Group attitude: they are dynamic, competitive and highly specialised.

gruppo immobiliare

Real Estate Investments and Development

COEDI acts along the entire real estate supply chain by coordinating the other companies and divisions of the Group. It acts within an integrated design framework and allows itself and its customers and partners to obtain the right value from a property or a real estate investment, thanks to consolidated procedures and methodologies. In this way, operators and individuals can act safely and with the utmost satisfaction.

Real Estate Brokerage and Consultancy

COEDI IMMOBILI is the real estate boutique of the Group. It was founded by agents with more than 40 years of activity, acts in Piedmont and also guarantees national and international support through its partners. It is aimed at both individuals and companies offering a complete range of integrated real estate services.

Integrated Engineering Services.

ONEBUILD, part of the COEDI group, is an Integrated Engineering company. Latest evolution of the thirty-year experiences of its founding members in the fields of design, construction and project management.