Integrated design, onebuild way

In an integrated design context, onebuild acts as general contractor and manages all technical elements of the project, as well as offering dedicated services and consultancy. Whatever the role, our goal is to optimise the final delivery and deliverables and achieve time and cost efficiency by holistically managing the design.

This can be achieved thanks to our unique integrated project management framework, continuously refined during the past 20 years. Our approach is built upon a synthetic vision aimed at eliminating conflicts between the various technical disciplines involved, as well as a preliminary in-depth analysis of clients’ needs and constraints of each project. By managing and defining priority information onebuild ensures the correct development of design throughout each stage.







An in-depth analysis of the brief allows for a clear understanding of the actual client needs, that allows for a correct layout definition. One build manages the design phase in a fluid and creative way, challenging every solution to achieve new and inspiring ideas. Finding the ideal partners is key; this is why onebuild only chooses the best contractors, the ones able to bring to life unique and innovative projects – without compromising their functional characteristics.


At onebuild we help clients identifying the structural designs and solutions that best optimize performances and buildings compliance. In particular, we focus on functional and formal needs, as well as development budget optimisation. These are the main services we offer:

progettazione integrata strutture


MEP engineering requires technical expertise, continuous regulation education, understanding of site logistic and issues, but also the ability to identify the right solution for each project. For Onebuild the preliminary planning is paramount to ensure efficiency, health and safety and management costs.

Constanty on the lookout for the best materials, and by exploiting innovative technologies, Onebuild guarantees to identify groundbreaking and integrated MEP solutions, where the integrated approach allows for easier renovation and retrofitting. Our MEP solutions include:


Onebuild works with BIM (Building Information Modelling) frameworks for the integrated management of complex projects. BIM is a shared process of design and creation of digital assets that describe the structural and functional characteristics of a building.

Onebuild strongly advocates for BIM and its benefit against traditional systems. It is possible to reduce development times up to 30%, reducing issues and mistakes in the design and building phase up to 40%.

The BIM process covers the whole development, from its inception to integrated design and construction, up to MEP use and even up to dismantling and decommissioning.

BIM is the evolution of 3D modelling into 7D modeling: 3D (space), 4D (programming), 5D (estimate), 6D (sustainability), 7D (maintenance), covering the whole work life cycle.


Health and Safety is a legal requirement for all companies. This is of absolute importance in the field of building engineering and integrated design. Even just one employee requires several mandatory compliance requirements to be respected ‘To work in a safe environment’ is the ultimate goal of the Testo Unico per la Sicurezza (Italian Health and Safety standard), that aims to reduce all risks to which employees are exposed to in their companies. However, this compliance standard (D.Lgs. 626/94, and current D.Lgs. 81/08 and s.m.i.) it’s complex and complicated.

To tackle this, Onebuild offers the following consultancy services for companies and contractors, provided by through internal know-how and our external partners:

Our goal is to make Health and Safety compliance, as well as environmental compliance, an advantage and added value for the company, not just a financial loss or bureaucratic obstacle.


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